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Duplex Water Softners

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Duplex water softeners for continuous supply of soft water 24hrs a day, with no interruptions for light commercial use. With regenerations directly linked to the amount of water used, there is no 'outage' time for hard water, and salt use is kept to a minimum.

A traditional single tank softener has to be larger to accommodate peak water demand. When a single tank softener regenerates, it can only provide hard water during the regeneration, in contrast to, the Duplex unit would simply switch to the standby unit to ensure a continuous supply of soft water.

Water Softener Operation

Duplex softeners have 2 softening vessels sharing the same salt tank. These 2 vessels are connected by a single control valve with an integral water meter. One vessel supplies soft water while the other remains on standby. When the required amount of soft water has been reached this vessel begins an automatic regeneration with soft water then supplied from the previous standby vessel. This role is then reversed when the next regeneration is due. This ensures there is a continuous supply of soft water at all times.

Duplex Water Softener Dimensions

Duplex Water Softener Dimensions

Models A B C D E
DS20 1080 610 323 850 550
DS30 1080 634 323 850 550
DS50 1570 815 346 775 680
DS75 1570 844 361 775 680
DS100 1845 870 374 975 685

Water Sotener Connections

Inlet/Outlet connected by three quarter or one inch MBSP.
Drain connected by a half inch hose and overflow by a half inch hose.
Electrical Supply: 240V 50Hz - 3-pin socket or fused spur.

Model Specifications

Capacity per regeneration in litres and salt use per regeneration in kg (using the recommended regeneration frequency maximum every 6 hours).

Models @300ppm @400ppm @600ppm Salt use per regen (kg)
DS20 3475 2600 2100 3.2
DS30 5200 3900 3150 4.8
DS50 8650 6500 5250 8
DS75 13000 9750 7875 12
DS100 17300 13000 10500 15

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