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Monarch Gold Series Water Softeners

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For those large water users we also manufacture the excellent high capacity GS600 and GS700 to the exact same specification as the domestic models. This model is suitable for light commercial use and catering.
Designed to maximize efficiency while minimising salt and water use, the Gold Series is the "intelligent" water softener. It automatically adapts to your water needs based on actual water usage and automatically regenerates only when necessary, saving both salt and water. The Gold Series provides a rugged, proven and reliable design that arguably lasts longer than any other water softener available

  • Low voltage plug in transformer and intelligent microprocessor that controls, monitors and remembers your actual daily water use
  • Automatic meter control so only regenerates when necessary
  • Simple programming; simply set the water hardness and time of day and that's it
  • Proportional Brining - only regenerates the resin that has been used, saving up to 55% on salt when compared to other meter controlled softeners Proven long life metering system Rugged, reliable and efficient

Available in 2 models, GS600 and GS700.

Models Litres of Solvent Free Resin Salt Use per Regeneration (kg) Capacity per regen. @300ppm Flow Rates - lpm* Standard kit/ Maxflow-PSK Dimensions (mm)
GS600 30 2.7 - 4.5 5200 litres 75 1135 x 320 x 565
GS700 35 3.2 - 5.3 6000 litres 75 1135 x 320 x 565

With a 5-Year Guarantee this softener, removes existing scale and prevents new scale forming, protects your appliances including dish washer, washing machine and shower, is kinder to your skin and made by Monarch - leading water softeners manufacturers since 1964

  • Manufactured by: Monarch

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