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Monarch Ultimate Series Water Softener

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Monarch high flow rate water softener available - up to 83 litres per minute

  • Slide on rear cover that needs no additional head room to remove it, as compared to conventional 'lift off' lids
  • Easy push button set up - only takes a few seconds Unique Self Protect Programme that, detects leaks in your plumbing system, delays regeneration until 2am, stores data in the event of a power cut, initiates an additional regeneration if ever required and loearns and remembers your water usage patterns to make substantial savings on both salt and water use.
  • Safe low voltage electronics via plug-in transformer - supplied
  • Meter Control with proportional brining as standard - only regenerates the resin that has been used
  • Up to 57% salt saving over conventional softeners Food Grade Resin, CE Approved and WRAS Approvals.
  • Suitable for 15, 22 and 28mm water supplies
Available in 3 models, miniaqua, midi or master to suit family size and degree of water harness. The master is reommended for very hard water.
Models Litres of Solvent Free Resin Salt Use per Regeneration (kg) Flow Rates - lpm* Standard kit/ Maxflow-PSK Dimensions (mm)
MiniAqua 11 0.9-1.6 25/83 515x275x460
Midi 15 1.0-1.9 25/78 585x275x460
Master 20 1.6-3.0 25/78 735x275x460

Installation Requirements (all models)
Water pressure: 20-70 psi. Operating temperature: 2-49C. Electrical supply: 3-pin socket. Drain facility. Min Flow - 1 lpm

With a 5-Year Guarantee this softener, removes existing scale and prevents new scale forming, protects your appliances including dish washer, washing machine and shower, is kinder to your skin and made by Monarch - leading water softeners manufacturers since 1964

  • Manufactured by: Monarch

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